Empower city businesses

Leverage on Crowds observation & measurement

We promote a participated model for crowd monitoring at city scale and the empowerment of the urban ecosystem with awareness on city's dynamics, including people presences, flows and composition. We offer personalized analytics solutions to drive decisions, strategies and economic impact assessment.

Business activities can sense and access new knowledge on crowd dynamics impacting their business. They can gain awareness of passages, transformation rates and other insights, such as city trends and comparisons to assess business potential, and improve their attractiveness and positioning accordingly.

We leverage on comprehensive and cross-sourced multi-scale urban data collection from heterogeneous technologies (including IoT and mobile). Administrations can be provided with both real-time and post-hoc views and city analytics supporting them in the overall city monitoring and transformation at reduced infrastructure costs.


WELCOME comprises of a set of services which offer a complete overview of your city and its businesses. It extends the architecture of CrowdInsights, a solution which provides decision makers with reliable predictions and actionable insights on the composition, dynamics, and intentions of crowds in the urban environment.
We also provide tools to foster the collaboration between administration and city stakeholders and businesses, and vertical IoT-based solutions supporting the management of cities.

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WELCOME is an Innovation Activity supported by EIT Digital,
a KIC of the EIT, a body of the European Union.

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Are you an innovative, data-driven municipality, or a business activity (shop, agency, restaurant, shopping mall, cultural center)? Would you like to obtain better insights on crowd presence and dynamics, so to take more informed decisions and assess the impact of your initiatives? Then get in touch with us!